First off to DrPhil--The Graphic View is a monorail, not a Graphic press camera, like a Speed or Crown.

A Graphic View is a perfectly servicable camera, maybe kind of heavy and it doesn't have the fancy geared movements and scales of a high-end studio monorail, but these are really more conveniences than essentials. If weight is not an issue, I'd say stick with it for now until you're more sure of what you need.

Komura made some LF lenses that were mostly fairly traditional designs like Tessar-types and such, and they should be at least single coated. They also made a line of budget-priced lenses for the classic Bronicas, a few aftermarket lenses for Nikon F-mount, and I believe today they make very high-end lenses for television broadcasting. The 210 is probably okay, but I'd agree with the suggestion above that you might add another lens or two, maybe a 150 and a 90. If weight is not a factor, I'd recommend a 90/8.0 Super-Angulon over an Angulon. The S-A is a much sharper lens and has a larger image circle. Good modern 150s include the Symmar and its descendents (Symmar-S, Apo-Symmar), the Sironar and later versions, and the Nikkor.

If you upgrade your camera later, your lenses can be transferred to the new camera easily enough.

Your enlarger and meter are fine. Used enlarging lenses are cheap these days, so if you wanted to upgrade to a newer Componon-S, Rodagon, Nikkor, Apo-Componon, or Apo-Rodagon, it might not be an unreasonable investment.