I like my Graphic View a great deal - I don't mind the weight and I like the sturdiness of the all metal camera. That said, I would spend money on lenses.

I also wonder about your meter. You say 1/21 degree. Is this the old Honeywell Pentax meter that takes the mercury battery? If so, batteries are indeed a problem and you would probably save yourself a lot of trouble replacing the meter. If it is the Ashai Pentax 1 degree meter (Spotmeter V), it takes three readily avialable batteries and is perfectly usable. I prefer the needle to the digital readout, but that's just me.

I'd agree with Dr. Bob - don't start spending money until you identify what you think is a problem. That said, I'd probably start with the meter, if it's the old Honeywell one, as everything else seems to work. Then I'd be concerned about lenses.