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I counted the steps through solid black to
solid white and here are the results.
I should add that these were selenium toned
3 minutes in a 1:7 dilution.
Any information will be appreciated.
I'm also counting some of 21 steps. An Omega B8, the
21/4 x 31/4 Omega DII, exposes 5 x 7 sheets of the two
VC papers under test. Two not so minor issues:

One: 14 steps exceeds any of the three tables of
grade equivalents as published in Photo Techniques in
David Vestal's article Grading B&W Papers Accurately.

David recommends "... count every visible edge
between steps". Max black and paper white, I think,
count as steps. He is not clear. What ever, it is the
edges between. I'll post HIS table of edge count to
equivalent grade if you've not the article. I've the
article in P. Techniques Special #8.

Two: A count of steps after toning is of some
interest but is not any exact grading of the paper.

I think it was Ian Grant who recently mentioned
that there is more to step tablet reading than first
meets the eye. For example a paper's toe character
can be easy to see once past counting. Dan