I wonder if a pooling of resources would be feasible - a sort of APUG obscure manual data base. And lets face it.. they're are all getting to be obscure. I know there are sights that attempt this - but most of them are brand specific or incomplete, or ask an arm and a leg. I don't know the technical ramifications of such an undertaing - but between the 11K+ members, there has to be just about ever users amnual ever attached to a film camera in the posession of one APUG'er or another!
Of course, I have to stress this point - this maybe be an undertaking that would put unreasonable stress on Sean and the technical sides of this site. I certainly do not have nearly the computer/web savvy to spearhead the project, so I am just throwing out an idea. I think it would be a wonderful resource if it could be made to happen.