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I'd like some advice regarding Omega B22 and the D2 series enlargers. I just started back in the darkroom and bought a B22 in great condition.

I'll be using it for 35mm and 6x6. What benefits if any would I gain using these 2 formats by moving up to the D series enlarger assuming that I'll be using a good quality lens ( Rodenstock/Schneider) for both formats?
Thanks for any input!
If you just bought it, keep it. If you have the money, have both. You can use the B22 for flashing when you do Split Grade Printing.

I started with the B22. If your ceiling is high enough, I'd definitely upgrade. IMHO. The options are just so much greater. Also, if you use a dichroic head/diffuser, the light is brighter. It's so much easier to see what you're doing. Who knows, once you're hooked, you might even move up to 4x5 shooting. Graphics are cheap these days!

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