Point made... and an apology on my part may be necessary, and not just for my pedantic approach to the question. I just found that Fabriano, in it's infinite wisdom, has made a watercolor paper that is using the "Artistico" name along with "Aquarello" on the cover of the pad. It is decidedly rough and they are calling it cold press. Perhaps the old-time learning that I'm working on is now a victim to a more modern use of the terminology. Perhaps they speak now only of the temperature of the final roller- not of the face finish of the paper. The old Artistico that I used so happily was a much smoother paper.

I recall the fiber-reinforced paper you're thinking of now. Never used it and I thought it had gone away as a bad idea. Shows how much I know.

I may be able to help you in the shipping part, however. I'll send a PM