Gentlemen (and ladies, in case I missed you) -
A few last minute considerations -
I gave out some directions through PM's and phone calls to those who needed them, but there is a change, I-78 Clinton Exit 15 is closed for repairs. Get off at Exit 16, NJ31 South. Take NJ31 to its intersection with US202. Continue on US202 South to NJ29. Go North one mile to mill complex on left. The entrance is at the far end of the complex; the first driveway is the exit.
I reconfirmed with the Mill Society yesterday (Thurs.) and yes, we can photograph inside. There will be a docent giving historical tours, so we will have to limit photographers to one or two at a time inside when the docent is actually giving a tour. You definitely want to photograph in the basement, but will need Tungsten film if shooting color.
My photo shoot for tomorrow has not been confirmed. If I do not have a shoot, I will be working in the studio all day and will be available to get together with anyone who is in the area for dinner and chit-chat. My studio is at 108 Harrison Street, 2nd Floor in Frenchtown, 12 miles north of Stockton on NJ29. It is also accessible from Flemington by going west on NJ12 to the end. Studio phone is 908-996-2484 and my cell is 732-735-2597.
Robert Triffen is going to Calumet today and can pick up any supplies if anyone needs them. Call him 610-449-7853 and arrange for what you need.
I will be at the Mill about 8 a.m. if anyone wants to come early. Let me know.
Little chance for rain tomorrow. Awesome!!!!
I will update later today or tomorrow as necessary.