I'm wondering what most cirkut people are doing for cirkut film
Has anyone used the J&C film?
I've been using kodak cirkut Verichrome pan with my #8, which I use the most, Aerial film for my#5 and #10, and forte 400 for my #16. I got 400' when I finally got my camera going. I've been cutting down the 8" cirkut film for my 6 outfit.
But I want to be more careful using up my 8" cirkut film now that it isn't made anymore, and thought I would try the J&C film. I 'm doing a cirkut demo at a show opening I'm having in june, and don't want to waste factory spooled film on that,so I thought I would consider trying it.

Also, is anyone interested in getting 6 1/2" rolls? It's worth mentioning- I would be interested in a few. I like the 6 outfit for landscape work.