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I'm wondering what most cirkut people are doing for cirkut film
Has anyone used the J&C film?
I've been using kodak cirkut Verichrome pan with my #8, which I use the most, Aerial film for my#5 and #10, and forte 400 for my #16. I got 400' when I finally got my camera going. I've been cutting down the 8" cirkut film for my 6 outfit.
But I want to be more careful using up my 8" cirkut film now that it isn't made anymore, and thought I would try the J&C film. I 'm doing a cirkut demo at a show opening I'm having in june, and don't want to waste factory spooled film on that,so I thought I would consider trying it.

Also, is anyone interested in getting 6 1/2" rolls? It's worth mentioning- I would be interested in a few. I like the 6 outfit for landscape work.
We also have our Classic 400 (Forte 400) coming in 8 inch by 100 foot rolls around the end of June. It is listed under Cirkut film on the web site. However, this is on sheet film base and not roll film base like the Efke 100 Cirkut film.