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Thanks for your reply. I think it' s really great that you are making so many odd sizes available! I 'm curious why you decided to go sheet thickness on the 8" film. I've run thicker film through cirkuts, but it does have issues.
It depends a little on the camera. I've run sheet thickness Bergger (forte) film through my 6 outfit with mostly ok luck. I have some photowarehouse (ilford) 16", which doesn't do well at all in the big camera, and I plan on cutting the rest to use in a 7E al vista swing lense camera I've just started using. Generally it's best to use film on the same thickness base as 120 film. I got forte to cut 120 base film in 16" widths, which works well. The thick base doesn't tend to unwind smoothly past the slit and can cause speed changes and slur problems. It keeps more of a shape memory. One thing that helps is letting the spooled film sit for a while before using it. As a user, I would recommend thin base only for cirkut use.
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I agree that roll film base is best for Cirkut use, that's why I indicated that is was sheet film base as a caution. We ended up with this film as a result of a special order for 24 inch x 100 foot rolls of film. The remaining 16 inches from the master roll were cut into 8 inch rolls. Possibly good for Cirkut and also good for those that want to cut their own sizes.

The Efke film works well from all reports from other Cirkut users being on the roll film base.