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I would truly love to come but I am afraid that if I broached the subject with my wife, she would cut off my arm and beat me to death with it.

Find an enticement that will make her wish to go on the great adventure. You are in the flower incentive business after all.

After forty years in sales I am still delighted and amazed at what motivates people, especially those you think you know. I casually approached the trip at breakfast today with my wife who likes to sketch and paint water color landscapes that I am trying to photograph. I mentioned the excitement of a short ride (400 miles one way) to meet a bunch of photographers gnashing their teeth in the cold amongst the Great Northern Mosquitoes. She who does amaze, responded, "how many art museums would we drive by?

Help me here Bill. Have I have missed any. You go west from Cleveland to the Toledo Art Museum which is showing “The Essence of Laughter: Satire through the Ages, Works on Paper and Toledo’s Satirist: Pulitzer Prize Winner cartoonist Nick Anderson.”

You turn right and go north to Ann Arbor. The U of M is showing "Rethinking the Photographic Image: The Best of Photography from the George Eastman House Collection" In the Painting gallery, "European and American Art: 1700-1900 - portraits by Oudry, Perronneau and Reynolds, as well as later portraits by Couture and Sandys; landscape and genre paintings by Whistler, Stevens, Monet, Pissarro and Bouguereau; and an group of works by Louis Comfort Tiffany "

North to East Lansing , the Kresge Museum at Michigan State and another of her favorites, “The collection of ancient and Egyptian art at the Kresge Art Museum is small yet diverse.”

If we stay up north long enough the Ansel Adams exhibit opens in Toledo on June 30th for the return drive.

I let you know how it plays tonight.

John Powers

As a foot note, last year we drove a thousand miles to the Maine Photo Workshops and a water color workshop in Rockland. It took us three days, three museums and six bookstores. Somebody else did it in fifteen hours taking naps in rest stops.