Camera Club judges, if only they could see! At a recent judging an image I had painstakenly focused on a wrought-iron fence - used lens swing to keep the fenceline in focus - around a cemetery plot, the judge couldn't understand why I didn't raise my level of view to avoid having the fence block the view of the gravestones, which were 'obviously' the subject of the image. I usually use a brief location for title, but renamed this image "the Coopers' fence" to force viewers to not focus on the gravestones. Yet the image was much more than just a fence but rather the inter-relationship of fence, stones, hanging moss,etc.. Was it a failure of my vision or those looking at the final print? A name may help the viewer to better see the photographer's intent; or it may only serve as a reference point. I prefer the latter but am occasionally tempted by the former usage.