I was going to just leave this, but now that doug has joined Ed in commenting on 'unnecessary abuse' I feel there is a little imabalance here. I can't see what 'beating' or 'abuse' of steve has happened here.

I told fintan what his likely option was to get a copy of the magazine, and commented on the poor service to Europeans (since fintan is also based in Europe). This got 'abuse' in return from Steve, so I added an explanation, which got a further unhelpful comment from Steve; in neither comment did Steve make any comment to correct my belief that fintan's only choice was to contact Robert White.

Fintan asks about digital content, and is told this is 'soooooo silly'. If anyone is being abusive it's not fintan.

Earlier, photomc asks why something that Steve said would be covered wasn't covered, and is ignored.

So, where is the abuse, or is it that we customers are supposed to be grateful for whatever crumbs we are given, and aren't allowed to comment when things aren't as we would like? Most vendors will at least appear to listen to their customers complaints, and try to understand the basis for complaints. Sometimes this even leads to improvements in either service or product. (and customer service isn't just telling the customer this is what he's going to get; it involves listening to what the customer wants.)