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...turn right and go north to Ann Arbor. The U of M is showing "Rethinking the Photographic Image: The Best of Photography from the George Eastman House

This is perhaps the best part. I urge anyone coming up that way to stop and see this show. I have now been twice and it got better the second time. Pretty much as I remember the display at the Eastman House when I was last there several years ago. A truly great representation from the history of photography.

My wife tells me you purchased a frame... too kind. I only hope you like the thing. Exciting that you are starting into 7x17. We started building the frames in that format to help push me to get into the format as well!

Hope you can make it up. There is certainly a lot of beautiful landscape for you and your wife to scout. There is also Mackinaw Island close by for those that may want to go off on their own. Lots to photograph there... and no cars to deal with. Only bikes and horses. Please don't be expecting anything too formal at my place though. As I have said, it will be a rustic experience and there won't be any real schedule to speak of. I pretty much plan to act as a guide for those that wish to tag along and to point those that don't into some interesting directions. There are so many possibilities that I could never cover them all in a weekend. There will be a couple things planned, including a dinner at the famous Legs for those wanting to attend, but it will be basically a loose affair using my place as base.

Website almost ready... It'll have maps, directions, places to stay, etc.