Okay. seriously now. Platypus is held in Santa Fe at Melody and Richard's house every other year whenever APIS is overseas. For anyone doing alt-process stuff, it may be one of the best informal get togethers you can attend. The format usually involves people showing their work on one of two tables. You spread your work out, say a few words about what the heck you are trying to do, and then people mill around looking at it. You don't have to even present anything if you are shy. The range of people presenting work goes from rank beginners to old masters.

It is a great place to meet other people doing this sort of work. You will be able to gauge the quality level of your work against some of the best printers around. In other areas, people are visiting, trading tips and drinking beer. It generally goes from 1:00 Pm to maybe 6:00 or 7:00, at which point people generally drift out with new friends and go somewhere to eat. I cannot emphasize how fun, informative and low-key the whole event is. If you are interested in alt-process printing, it is a great resource.