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I was going to just leave this, but now that doug has joined Ed in commenting on 'unnecessary abuse' I feel there is a little imabalance here. I can't see what 'beating' or 'abuse' of steve has happened here.
Chill out a little, will you?

You miss the point. I did not say that comments about the magazine were unwarranted. What I did say was that the point had been made. I get it!! I got it a long time ago!!

I have assumed that the discussion here would be - and is meant to be - constructive. I am sure that Steve Simmons is listening - and what is being worked out is going to be of value to all concerned. All concerned ... I don't happen to be one of them at the moment - so .... PLEASE take notice of the amount of energy here ... I am being careful ... I would suggest (n.b. SUGGEST!!) that your conversation might be more appropriate and you would -- possibly -- (n.b. NO DOMINEERING COMMANDMENT INVOLVED) be able to communicate more effectively by using private messages.

Let's turn the sensitivity level down a notch ... and save that vital chunk of our being - sensitivity - for our work.