Hi -i have finally finished and developed some test 120 delta 100 using pyrocat vs my favourite dev up until now, perceptol at 1:3

pyrocat was used at 1:1:100, 21 degrees, for 17.5 mins - 2 mins agitiation then 10 secs agitiation every 3 mins after that. water stop and fixed in TF-4

perceptol was used 1:3 at 24 degrees for 15 mins (30 secs agitation then 5 secs every 30 secs) , water stop and TF-4 fix.

All exposures made on my rollei sl66 with 80mm planar.

I will be posting comparison images in the technical gallery over the next few days, and have already posted one.

both films were rated at manufacturers ratings (ei100) and both the negs were scanned via vuescan at 1600dpi and 16 bit with only the same unsharp mask applicaiton and levels set to black and white points in photoshop - no further manipulation.

I dont have faciltiies to print these conventionally at the mo, so the scans will have to do for now.

So far, I find that both films could do with a slower ei - shadows are a little blocked up , although more with perceptol than pyrocat (i usually rate at ei 80 with perceptol) Pyrocat seems a little over developed at first look on the lightbox, although still very usable negs. I find that the grain is noticably more prominent with pyrocat, but only at very large magnifications - the perceptol negs pixelate before they look grainy! The edges with pyrocat are much more sharp though, as would be expected and the highlights really do seem to have more seperation, although this could be just my subjectivity ... difficult to see the full effect of the stain until I can get these in an enlarger.

still - thoughts and pointers are most welcome.