Mostly I've been using a dewalt miter saw and a jig to cut spooled cirkut film shorter, but I would like to make a roller to roller jig and slice it from whatever size I need to.I haven't had any problem cutting and using cirkut film this way, but I just cut up a few rolls for my 7" al vista swing lense camera, and I believe the nature of the stationary camera and film being moved though the channel, as opposed to moving over a narrow slit of the cirkut, dust becomes a issue,even though I was careful about vacuming the film after cutting. I had a lot of fun using the camera, and want to shoot some more with it. Slicing is much cleaner. Another thing to make though.
You could make a jig for whaever size you want to use.It's challenging to do things in the dark of this nature, and easy to use jigs are the key.
I am curious what others are doing as well.