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snip... and two used Hasselblads a...snip
Hey! Mine is new. I rarely buy used.

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And Art.......A-N-A-L-O-GGGGGGG.
C'mon Jim, you liked my work...hehehe. Did ya see how fast I ran when the special word came up? Eeek!

What a great day. Film's being processed right now. I'll pick it up some time next week. And I'll develop my Type 55 from the pinhole tonight. I need to mix up some sulfite solution first.

We came up with a couple trips this summer. Should be a good one in the Hidosn Valley. Can combine with the New England group. Sorta like a Yankees/Mets/Red Sox outing...hehehe

Bob Fowler! What happened to ya?

Thanks for organizing James.

Regards, Art.