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Now what is Fred saying here when he says "had enough exposure" and "overexposed?" Where I live (in the bright sun of Florida) making the exposure by placing a high value results in LESS exposure than placing a shadow on III or IV. Could it be that in Vermont, where Fred lived, that placing VIII gave him MORE exposure? Interesting to speculate.
Yes, the geographical location may very well make a difference. I remember Adams writing about this. According to him, before exposure meters were available, photographers carried around exposure charts of some sort. But they were derived from measurements (or experiments) at a specific location. Adams said he learned this when he tried his California charts on the East coast somewhere and found they were all hosed up.

Weston was fully engaged in photography well before exposure meters came along. That may explain why his legend says he never used on. I've learned that from my experience in the local area that the exposures are pretty much the same based on the cloud/sun conditions. I could probably get along fine without a meter anywhere in the region.