OK, I think I have a few that might be good enough based on feedback from some local people, and I will get busy. Some will be Fuji/Kodak enlargements since I don't have an enlarger, others will be contact prints. When will we start up? For me a Christmas deadline would be a bit too short but after Christmas I will be on vacation and can do quite a bit of work/play. Just one thing. With a house full of dogs, cats, birds, pet rats etc dust is pretty much an inevitability here. I will simply delete the worst ones.

This next is for Jay.... Just because Jorge's (and other people here) prints are so impressive doesn't mean you aren't any good. Using that yardstick, I would never take part either. Instead of putting yourself down, take notes and pick their brains and see what they did to get the results you like. We are not competing. Also remember, they probably never do one print and stop. I bet they do a lot of fine tuning before they are satisfied. For me, this is a chance to see the real prints from people I have talked to on the web without having to go to an fancy out-of town gallery or squint at a web page.