Tried printing some pt/pd prints this afternoon and was disappointed in the results. I was creating a second set of prints of negatives I had successfully printed a week ago using the same process. During development the prints showed splotchy sections that look like almost perfect circles did not get either enough developer or coating. Is it me (perish the thought), the paper or whatever? A picture is in the discussion gallery. I have circled the offending areas. Would some of our alt process wizards offer their analysis, please?

Gory technical details:
Paper: COT 320 11 x 14 coated for 8 x 10 image
FO - 12 drops
NA2 - 4 drops
Pt - 4 drops
Pd - 10 drops
Single coat, rod coated, ambient air drying.

Development in PO at 95-100 F.