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James-Thanks for the nice outing, I enjoyed meeting the other folks that attended. It was a great opportunity to try out my Arca Swiss Discovery, for the first time! Thanks also for bringing the film changing tent!

Terry, my pleasure to have been helpful. You will find that 4x5 is a great way to get into large format. Once you learn to use your 4x5, then moving up to a larger size will not be any problem.

After you left, the group went to lunch and started to plan future events. Keep an eye on this group to keep abreast for what is coming up. The next event will be Sunday, 25 June, probably up along the Delaware River above the Water Gap. More info to follow.

Terry, Art, John, and Jim... send me your contact info and I will create a list to share with everyone. Robert, John, Alex, and - who else did I forget? oops - please do the same.

Finally, who would be interested in going on a little scouting expedition to the area that we may photograph in June? This would, of course, be a scout with camera in tow. Let me know.