I'll add in my 2 cents worth. I wholeheartedly agree with Neal. CFAAHP is a wonderful, under-recognized and under-utilized resource. This was my second workshop through them. They do several things there that make the workshops well worth the money. Class sizes are extremely limited - 6-8 people maximum. Their facilities are first-rate, which makes the hands-on end of the workshop highly successful. Because of the small class sizes and the dedication of everyone attending, people bond and express a real desire to stay in touch after the workshops. Perhaps most of all, they get awesome instructors to lead the classes.

I came into the class with some experience printing pt/pd, so some of it was a rehash of things I already knew. However, it was definitely worth it to watch an acknowledged master of the medium go through the process in an organized way, and have ready answers for troubleshooting image problems. Now I know where I was going wrong with certain things I was doing, and what I was doing right that I didn't even know was right. I definitely want to do an advanced Pt/Pd class at some point in the future.