Photo Opportunities:

Let's not forget these six other good possibilities to consider for this summer or fall:

(1) The auto junk yard in Morrisville along Route 1 and the nearby William Penn estate on the Delaware.

(2) The old wooden/rotten boat junk yards in Greenwich, NJ, and open nearby farm country.

(3) The Monmouth Battle Ground on Route 33 leading to Freehold.

(4) The Washington's Crossing Area

(5) The Wild Gosse Wild Life Area in Lima, PA. This can be a tough walk of about a mile and a half, but the stream and rock formations are very pictuesque.

(6) For those would like to experience something quite different from landscape photogpapy, we could go to Manayunk which is an old factory section on Philadelphia with very small houses, and streets that are unbelievely steep. Manaynk is off the interestion of I-76 and Route 1, so it is readily assisible for those who may be traveling from either the Ben Franklin Bridge or the PA Turnpike.

Naturally, for those who would be interested Della Sandro's - one of Philadlephia's best cheese steak "joints" - is located in Manayunk on Ridge Ave. & Walnut Lane.

Separately, I had a great time meeting everyone and can not wait to see James' (unmentionalbe) pictures posted.


Robert J. Triffin