It was a very good outing, met more APUG members. The future plans sounds very good too.

Can't wait to develop the negatives tonight. One of them I am not sure it was exposed or not (Hei, the black is facing outside, and I can't remember a damn thing if I shot it or I insert the darkslide the wrong way after loading the film), the other one is half exposed to the sun when I accidently pull the darkslide out, Ouch!

And, I got a chance to shoot few frames with a LEICA (Thanks to John, aka superuj)! It was an amazing experence for me, because I have been dreaming that thing for a long time. I think I will sell my car to buy one of those suckers.

ANyway, I enjoy the outing very much, and the old lady in the mill kicked me out after I took only two shots inside, I took too long to set up the camera and she wanted to go home and have a nice dinner.

Finally I want to thank James for orgnizing the whole thing.