There seems to be a point in your photography where the equipment and the chemicals and the techniques don't matter anymore. This is not because they aren't required or that you won't learn new things or mix in new ways, but because this is all superfluous. You can and could learn all of the techniques and with enough practice you can master them... that is no more than just practice to the point of unconcious action.

At what point, after you have hit this wall, do you find your path in photography? Or does this never happen?

I guess the recent thread about some big-wigs in photography has lead me to think about my future in photography and wonder if personal style develops on its own or if must be actively sought. Also, if a personal style is found, can it be broken out of? Self-pidgeon-holing seems to be a problem with a number of the big names in photography as they ride their popularity wave. It seems the greatest among us are always reinventing themselves and pushing out of or driving deeper into novel work which continues to inspire themselves and those of us who admire from afar.

This really isn't that much of a pointed question, but more of a rambling as I have had this on my mind this past week while doing some gum over prints and looking at my work.