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That's a very good distillation of the way I have begun to look at things.

This thread wasn't a question of how do I find my style or should I emulate the style of others... just wanted to stop that before it starts. Just some random thoughts which I thought I might share with my fellow photogs who may be ruminating the same things.
This is exactly what I have been thinking about as of late. I guess, it's easy to look at our 'outward' selves and say... "oh yeah, I know my personal style! I love blue jeans and comfortable sweat shirts." It's outward, it's evident, and people who have even a casual acquaintance with you can see it.

But I think it's much different to 'see' our own personal style in our photography...and it is there, waiting for us to see. I think it is this elusive 'personal style' that defines us and that becomes our path. I think the tough thing is that we all want so desparately to know what it is, to define it in words, to give it substance... this may or may not be possible. It does, in fact, exist, but instead of just accepting it, we try to give it form, put it in a box, correlate its reality to the most minimal explanation... My stlye is..."

I am not too sure this is like those "How I Spent my Summer Vacation" papers. I think we can only say what moves us...