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This is a topic that I have strong opinions about.

I believe that they way to develop a personal style is by doing the work that interests you in the manner that you see fit.

Setting out to develop a persoanl style is. in my opinion, a fruitless task. Work, work, work. The style will come and it will be all yours.
I gree to a point. Trying too hard is fruitless, trying to improve, by learning or understanding what it is that motivates you, and why is not fruitless.

Blindly waiting for your style to arrive, might work, pursing it does work. The problem is balancing your intuition (or heart which is where the gutz of the style thing resides) with your intellect. Too much of the former and you'll achieve Barry Manilow , too much of the latter and you have Bernd and Hilla Becher.

What is most important is doing and reviewing.