[QUOTE=David H. Bebbington]
No. 3A Panoram 122 rollfim, format 3 1/4 x 10 3/8" Manf. 1926 - 1928
No. 4 Panoram 103 rollfilm, format 3 1/2 by 12" Manf. 1899 - 1924

3A film is 3-5/8 in width and was made until about 1970, 3 1/4'' net image width
The Panorams may/probably used paper backing specific to the frame length. IIRC 4 exposure and 6 or 8 exp rolls were sold.
BTW I have a 4A but (I surmise) when that film was discontinued [per above] the owner installed pieces of wood to allow 122 film, I assume that for standard 3A cameras, to be used. i've tried sheetfilm stock cut to the correct width but it is too stiff to use on spools without staying close to the darkroom.