The good photographers that I trained under ( took seminars from etc) all said to be "successful" you must develop a recognized style. With that style you can charge X number of dollars and not be like the rest of the herd.

That "style" may be unconscious, may be "you" but I don't think it is entirely so. I think it's a conscious self evaluation of what you like (moves you) what "fits" you and how you wish to be seen.

We'd all like to think that like a "savant" that this all happens naturally and maybe in some cases it does, but I'm more inclined to think it is thought out and developed.

And I don't think it necessarily makes it contrived, because it's thought out.

As for financially, having a recognizable style puts you in a place where you are alone with no peers (or few), but still allows for some growth. Doing what everyone else does just makes you a member of the herd.

I also think that having no training in the craft of photography and producing hack work is not a "style" but merely the work of an untrained wannabe.