Hi everyone,

I am having a dickens of a time creating a CD of my images for presentation.

I have a flat bed scanner capable of scanning at 1200 DPI, Photoshop Vs. 5.0, and a CD burner.

My scanner will allow me to scan in color and output jpeg only. In grayscale I can output as Bmap, Gif, and Tif. My version of Photoshop will only allow me to adjust sharpness, curves etc when I output as jpeg.

I have tried scanning both grayscale and color in resolutions of 600 and 1200 dpi. When I do this I output to a folder and then "tune" the image in Photoshop (with jpeg).

What happens when I output to my burner is that the image goes to hell. It has an appearance of an unsharp and grainy 35 mm image from ISO 3200 in Rodinal.

What am I missing here? If someone would be so kind and walk me through this process I would be most appreciative.

Along the same lines...what is the best digital format for images when one uses them for website presentation?

Thanks for your help.