You don't want to spool too much film because one of the measurements that makes for a sharp image is diameter of the takeup drum. It's ok for a fair amount of film on the #10, say 10-12 feet, but will change the diameter too much after that. Also it probably wouldn't fit very well.

Having the film unwind is a problem, and the answer to that is spool up the film and let it sit a few weeks before using it
On the 8 outfit and 6 outfit kodak designed the camera to take film with the emulsion facing out, as opposed to in on the #5,#6, #10, and #16.
Kodak sold 8" film up to just a few years ago that had the emulsion facing in,and I used it on my 8 outfit. People said it didn't matter, but I found the camera did run better when I reverse spooled the film. The angle going over the felt is just a bit less, but it helps. You don't have to , but I've found that every little bit you do adds up to a smoother running camera. Anyway. I really notice that letting the film sit a while after reverse spooling.
spooling and handling fil in the dark is a constant torment. Use cotton gloves whenever you can, jig up when you can, etc
I'm curious- did kodak stop making 10" color neg film?