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Ummm...no, I wouldn't agree.

I hear you talking, but I don't see the physical photographic evidence which is the whole point of your point. I see nothing new.


I will try to bring this to a point where you might understand. Let's take the images in my Transitions portfolio. Each of those have symbolic connotations. They were all taken during the middle to late 1980's. People who have an appreciation and understanding of symbolic meaning---notably those with and education of human functioning readily grasp the import and impact of those images.

Of course if one has not experienced or been open to the possibility of a language apart from objective reality, this would include symbolism, then this will be quite obscure and misunderstood.

Each of those images in that portfolio occurred at pivotal points in my life. Each of them revealed more about my internal orientation to life then they did about the objective reality.

So when you say that you see nothing new...perhaps you need to learn the language that comprises symbolic meaning as it applies to you and to me.