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Donald, I appreciate you are not decrying technique but are rather saying that it in itself is not enough, and I would totally agree with you. What I would suggest, though, is that "technique" does not just mean the physical technicalities of a particular medium, but that there is a perfectly valid technique for developing creative ideas, too. I feel it is not helpful for people striving for artistic expression to think that they have simply to wait for the muse to strike in some vague and indefinable way.

To return to the example of acting, it is a given in this profession that a group of artists (actors) can work through a creative process (rehearsal) and bring this to a predefined conclusion (live performance) by a certain time.It is also a given that technical considerations (learning lines, blocking out moves) have to come first but are far from enough in themselves and are only the necessary prelude to the creative phase (discovering the deeper meaning of a text). I feel there are some principles here which could usefully be applied to other media (including, but not only, photography!).

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I agree with what you have said. I think that you grasp that I am not saying one or the other...but I am saying, instead, let's discuss the creative expression in all of it's unknown aspects for most of us. Thank you for your post.

I would go on to say that the muse that some rely upon to strike them with inspiration is within us and achieves birth through our own personal perspiration.