Missed a chance to say goodbye to everyone as I was busy shooting by the river. Great location selection.

Didn't get the wireless internet connection in the hotel to work until now. I drove around the town after you guys left, there are some historical residential buildings/inns with farms around. Won't get home until later this week. Will develop the pictures as soon as I hit the darkroom.

Thanks James for organizing the great outing. Glad that the weather turned out perfect for a shoot out. My first taste of 4x5 was wonderful, enjoy it very much. Will need to dig into more. Looking forward to the last weekend of June. With so much to choose from based on Robert's recommendation, we should plan a trip for the weekend down at Southern NJ, instead of a day trip to justify the high gas price. So, we can visit more than location if we plan well.

Alex - M7 is amazing, isn't it. I was hooked ever since I laid my hands on a M3. Will bring the pictures you took with it.

Art - apparently, you like the Hassy extension tube. Nice pictures from you portfolio, btw, some great pictures on your site too. All film based, I hope :-) You will find a lot of fun from macro as well.

John (jovo) - is your middle name Ansel? Some good landscape stuff from your work.

It's a pleasure meeting everyone. Great event! Once again, thanks James!