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I made it half way to CT, and had a flat tire, I got my spare tyre put on, it was late evening on saturday so I did not expect anyone to be open and ofcourse being new NE (tri state) I did not want to drive on a spare tyre to NJ. So I sadly had to return back home, drove slow and made it back to MA. Since it was a rental car I just had to call the rental agency on sunday and they brought me a replacement. OH! well... I missed it.
I was concerned that something may have happened. Fortunately, everything turned out to be OK as far as your health and safety is concerned.
We will have other outings and a few of them will probably be closer for you. Keep an eye on this forum for updated information.
In the meantime, send me some contact information - name, APUG user ID, phone, e-mail, and format(s) used and I will include it in a roster I am putting together for NJ APUG member use. It will not be distributed any further than that.