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I think it will come naturally as long as you do what you like. .
Absolutely. After a long time of practising and dealing with several issues, just to learn how to master them, there necessarily must come the point where you ask what style you will/shall have in future. And in principle it is the question of your personal identity as a photog, you can't stay the jack of all trades forever.

There is no other way to find it than to deal photographiclly with all those things only which you are really interested in, in the sense of a personal concern, from what reason ever. This way you get a headline for your work, later a "style" too.

It does not make sense IMHO to try to be someone else, maybe someone whose work one admires. If I admire a work or style this does not say I myself as a photog can be successful too with the same issue.

So if one photographs what one likes, one is on the right way to a style, which is more the result of consequently going forward with continuous effort than something like a goal one has to achieve. Style is a side effect I'd say, proves you are going in the right , in YOUR direction

My personal experience:
I once was criticised by others that i seldom shoot people, places only, again and again, and later I criticised myself for this strange kind of inability, wasn't I one of those who admired so deeply Doisneau, Ronis, Boubat and all the other masters of La Photographie Humanite ?

I felt a bit ashamed that I oviously was totally blind a this point, but it forced me to deal with my relationship to my neighbours in general and I discovered that it was more distant and discrete than I had thought all the time.
Good or bad, from this moment on I gave up the idea to become a good people shooter.
So on my way to a style I learned some new things about myself too.
Another effect which makes photography so fascinating for me.

Quite a bunch of babble I'd say, a minute after I had told Claire that :rolleyes: I have nothing to add..... Well, couldn't help it.