I want to move up to 11x14, possibly 8x20 or 12x20. I want to know whether one of the lenses I have will cover these formats so that I can calculate part of the cost of moving up in format. I have a 14inch F:11 Trigor that I know will cover 8x10, my question is will it cover the larger formats with room for movement. It is a blue dot Trigor, with the lens marked Schneider Corp. of America, serial # 2001507, lens made in Switzerland, and it is a barrel lens, no shutter. I know that the lens came off of a copy camera and the mounting bracket that the flange attached to has "W.A. Dagor" on it. I assmue that the lens formula is related to a Dagor or Wide Angle Dagor, it seems to have a much wider image circle than a 14inch Artar but the images look sharp, like an Artar. I don't know if this is a different version of Trigor lens from what I assume was a Goerz Trigor. I say that because I understand the 14 inch Schneider Dagor, for example, had a narrower image circle from the Goerz 14" Dagor. If possible I would like to hear from someone who has actually used this lens on a larger format.
Thanks very much.
Doug Webb