Funny I should happen upon this topic today. I have been searching all over for relief from the very thing which you inquire. I have been overtoning and printing lighter to allow for the green tint evident in float glass. No more. The fine print should be printed as though it were being seen without glazing, so as be appealing once it leaves the walls and ends up in someone's archive. Acrylite is available for a few dollars more and renders colorless protection for optimum viewing as well as providing some UV protection as well. Denglas Water White is also out there as another (albeit quite expensive) option to glass and offers glare resistant coating and UV protection and is iron (green) free. $12/sq ft. Yikes!

I am going to go with acrylite. No more float glass for me. I work too damn hard to get the beautiful chocolate blacks and subtle textures to have them erased by green tint.