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Are these products equivalent to Suzuki's published formulas (DS-14, DS-15, etc.), and if so, what are the equivalences? I use some of these in home-made form and having them ready-made could be handy in some cases, but I'd like to know whether what I'd be buying is equivalent to what I'm already using. Thanks.

The Silvergrain products are based on Ryuji Suzuki's published formulae, but they are not the same. Silvergrain ready-made chemistry is superior to the published formulas and includes proprietary enhancements. The formulas for DS-14 and DS-15 were produced during the initial stages of research into the use of these compounds, but the formulas have been considerably advanced since that time. What you will find is that characteristics of the products are similar, but that the Silvergrain range we are manufacturing has a host of other improved attributes.