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The moral to the story.

Swap your batteries, with your friend's , don't tell him and everyone will be happy.

Sorry Bad Humor.

Ian I don't know. Obviously it doesn't make sense. Just for the hell of it see if your batteries have many flashes in them. Flash 20-30 times. See if it holds up. Clean the contacts. It must be something simple that you're overlooking.

Not much help sorry.

Michael MCBlane
Oh I think this could be a great deal of help. In another life, I consistently found contact corrosion to be at least 85% of the problems with the gear we used to control --- --- --- equipment onboard ----------. The problem may not be immediately visible. I'm serious. Bad contacts on connectors, both permanent and various removables, were nearly always the culprit in our equipment, especially replaceable battery packs. Cleaning must be done carefully however. A little fine (250 or greater) sandpaper (no emory, please) and hold the solvents. A little Vaseline will protect contacts for a longer time after cleaning.