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What is your recommendation for replentishing the paper developers in a slot processor? I"m finally going to get my homemade 20x24 processor up and running this summer.
Wow, 20x24 processor! My Nova is only 12x16 size, so for 20x24, I use a single-tray method.

So you know I solved the technical part of your question a long time ago when I bought my Nova in 1990s...

They didn't manufacture Tektol Replenishers this time, but, as you suspect, there is such formula. If they decide to offer Tektol Replenisher at some point, that'll keep your tank running for very many papers without total replacement of the solution.

The close next best option is to top up your tank with the same developer solution to make up for the fluid loss. When you notice significant extension of development time is necessary, you want to start over the tank. In reality, the fixer gets exhausted at some point anyway, and you might want to replace the whole tank at that point, or every other time the fixer is replaced. So this is still a good option. (If I were the business person, I would tell you this part first!)

I don't anticipate a problem with most common papers. Some paper emulsions, like Kodabromide, Brovira, Ilfobrom Galerie, Multigrade Cooltone, etc. may be faster in exhausting the developer than most other papers. It's kinda detail but you might want to keep in mind if you use mainly these papers.