I am posting this on the off chance that someone knows who supplies Kodak with their paper stock. I have contacted Kodak but I am assuming that they may not be forthcoming about their supplier or willing to sell me uncoated stock.

Yesterday I made my best Platinum print thus far on Kodak fine art paper with the emulsion removed and then sized with corn starch and oxalic acid.... the coating went on like butter, the finished print is very smooth even under the loupe as the paper has minimal texture. However, if the step of removing the emulsion is not just right (any residual clay layer) there are problems further on in the process.... basically removing the emulsion is a PITA, so I wish to obtain uncoated stock.

Also...I believe that Bergger sells uncoated paper stock so I am also wondering if anyone has tried their smooth finished papers (not the textured) with Platinum... I know some people use the uncoated Bergger with carbon.

Any assistance you can offer me, or other suggestions for smooth paper stock is appreciated.