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I agree. (But at the same time I am not the one who's doing the sales/marketing/all other business.)
I disagree. The claim that the products are the "best" is a statement of fact. Of course, facts are open to dispute, but life would be boring if we limited our ability to express ourselves to purely descriptive language. Everyone is free to disagree.

The products have been formulated to maintain or surpass existing standards of quality and archival properties, and have lower toxicity than other commercially produced photo chemicals. By this measure, Silvergrain products are the best. Of course, photography is a creative business, and I am not disputing the qualities available in other products, many of which may also be the "best" for particular applications or effects. What is the best for me may not be the best for someone else, etc... etc... At the end of the day this is a press release, and its purpose is to raise awareness about the products: there is no intent whatsoever to make unjustified claims and I trust that people will pardon the sales patter and try the products for themselves.