Thanks everyone for your insight and information. I have now gotten the images scanned and massaged in Photoshop so that they very nearly approximate the actual prints. My next question is this:

Is there software or a program that will allow me to make up a presentation on CD that is not just a bunch of separate images. In other words a presentation that would open and proceed through the following as an example...

1. Title Page
2. Artists resume
3. Index of portfolios
4. Title page of each portolio(s)
5. Individual images of each portfolio
6. Sizing and pricing information
7. Contact information

I have the full MS Office suite of programs...but none of them seem to do what I want. MS Front Page would seem to have the capability of linking but is written in HTML...would this be the way to do this? Most people would have a browser on their computer...maybe have the CD open with Explorer?...I am open to ideas and suggestions.

Thanks for you help.

Donald Miller