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Hello Denis,

I have a manual, unfortunately it's in swedish and I don't have a scanner handy, either... My Durst looks exactly like yours. Is there something you want to know about it - maybe I can help you out?

BTW, the "extra lever" is the one on the left side on your photo. It's used to temporarily reset the filter changes you do with the three knobs - when you push the lever you get white, unfiltered light, which is basically grade 2 if you work with variable contrast papers. The "ND filter" you refer to is probably the red filter you have underneath the lens, which is used to shield the paper from being exposed.


No, there's a model M305 which is different than ours - see here:


it has an extra ND filter built-in, and also a white LED on front panel...

It's probably a different colour head...

Anyway, I tried mine with some Efke Varycon paper last night, and my exposures seemed rather short: 5-7 seconds at f8! (with the head racked up almost all the way to the top, giving about 20x30 cm print size...)
So I wanted to know if it's possible to use filtration to reduce the light output to make exposure a bit longer, without affecting the contrast too much...

I found some info already regarding this, but would still like to have some illustrations of the component parts, dismantling, bulb changing, etc...