I looked at the linked thread - as you say, the one pictured there is a different version. But the button on the front is used for extra filtration, when you need more contrast. (the "ND filter") That extra filtration knob is at the back of the enlarger head in our version. The white LED is the same thing as the lever on the left side.

The 5-7 second time for f8 sounds very short. Are you using the right halogen bulb? It should be 12v, 100w, no more. Are you sure you actually stop down to working aperture after doing the focus check (happened a few times for me)? The lever on the left should be in the "in" position to get filtration. Check for any light leaking out of the enlarger head or bellows, just to make sure that's okay. Either way, you probably have too much light coming out, which makes for very short times. Try stopping down further, to f11 or f16. You could of course use a separate ND filter, but I don't think that's a good idea.

I'll see if I can do anything about the pictures in the manual. Otherwise I can always walk you through changing bulbs, etc... Or I can send a few digital snaps to show you.