I just bought a new to me Nikon LS-30 Coolscan III. So far I've been pretty impressed with the results. Naturally with anything new there is a learning curve.

So what I am looking for are your helpful hints. Things that you have learned the hard way so to speak that will help me get the best results I can.

I have been playing with curves and such and finding out what they do. The Nikon software is nice, but I find Vuescan does a nicer job of correcting the color right off. The only drawback I can see with Vuescan is the lack of thumbnails for a film strip. Maybe I'm missing something. I will play with it somemore before I buy it tho as this is an important feature for me.

While you can't control the way these threads seem to mutate, I hope this discussion doesn't revolve around which scanner is best etc.

Just looking for scanning tips that will work with my scanner, or film scanning in general.

Thanks in advance,