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I looked at the linked thread - as you say, the one pictured there is a different version. But the button on the front is used for extra filtration, when you need more contrast. (the "ND filter") That extra filtration knob is at the back of the enlarger head in our version. The white LED is the same thing as the lever on the left side.

I'll see if I can do anything about the pictures in the manual. Otherwise I can always walk you through changing bulbs, etc... Or I can send a few digital snaps to show you.
Thanks for your help.

I managed to locate a button on the back of the head - it's red, and is not easily accessible. Is it used for extra filtration, ot is that a fuse?
What are the chrome knobs/screws on the underside of the head? Are those used for alignment? (There are two on the sides, and one in the center - at an angle of about 45 degrees...)

I can provide more photos, if necessary...